Nov. 25th WebDev

It’s Wednesday, November 25th – the day before Thanksgiving. Anchor’s website still lacks SSL security. I’m using this new instance on Lightsail to attempt an easier way to deploy and secure a new website with SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Anchor’s site was previously secure, but the certificate validity lapsed and I have not tied updating via SSH for fear of incapacitating the WordPress instance, taking the site down.

Success! The problem was getting to the bncert-tool via SSH terminal in Lightsail and getting the message “Warning: The domain ‘mypage’ does not resolve, please fix its DNS entries or remove it.”

The simple mistake being made was not being in the HOME dashboard of Lightsail and seeing the NETWORKING tab. In this tab I was able to add a CNAME record that enables www to work. After adding the record, I was able to use the bncert-tool to successfully register my domain, and email with an SSL cert and chron job to renew. Watch for the renewal email around Christmas day, take action to ensure it renews!

Resolve to 1) record a video tutorial of this process, 2)rebuild the Anchor site on a new Lightsail instance, and 3) move the anchor website to the new, secured instance.

Reminder: AWS now manages the DNS records, meaning no more logging into GoDaddy.

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