Pensacola Digital

Websites & Signage

Content included 🙂

Media-Rich Website + Content

A creative and robust website program for organizations who want to simultaneously develop a secure, great-looking website, and custom visual content created just for the site. Content is written, shot and edited so that it ranks high on search, engages viewers and provides an excellent user experience. 

Each package includes: domain support, SSL, hosting, WordPress CMS, custom responsive design, forms, photography, videography, media storage, functional updates and tech support.

Digital Signage + Content

Ultra-resolution, visual communications using discrete networked signage computers. Using technologies like QR code and UTM tracking PenDigi makes digital signs interactive for users and provides analytics for you about what your users engage with the most.

All of our signage systems are secure, plug-and-play with HDMI, and usable with many screen shapes—even freely arranged in a mosaic.  We offer 4 digital signage programs for: menus, venues, info and ads.