Video Interview Guide

Anytime PenDigi works with a client to shoot interviews, we start by following consistent steps to ensure the video is awesome. Finding the best video interview recording location is crucial for creating a professional and distraction-free environment. Here’s a guide to help you identify and set up the ideal location:

1. Choose a Quiet Space:

  • Select a room or area with minimal background noise. Avoid spaces near busy roads, common areas, or areas with frequent interruptions.

2. Good Lighting is Key:

  • Natural light is ideal, so choose a location with windows. Ensure that the light source is in front of you, not behind, to prevent shadows on your face.
  • If natural light is not sufficient, consider investing in soft, diffuse lighting to illuminate your face evenly – PenDigi has lighting for any environment.

3. Background Matters:

  • Opt for a clean, clutter-free background. A neutral wall or a tidy bookshelf can work well. Avoid distracting elements that may divert attention.
  • Virtual backgrounds can be used if your natural environment is not suitable, but ensure they are professional and not overly distracting. Green screen is an studio option we offer.

4. Camera Placement:

  • Decide if you have the equipment and expertise to shoot yourself, or hire a video professional.
  • If you’re shooting on your own, position the camera at eye level for a more natural and engaging look. Use a laptop stand or stack of books to adjust the height if needed.
  • Ensure the camera is stable to prevent shaky footage. Use a tripod if you have one.

5. Internet Connection:

  • Choose a location with a reliable internet connection. A wired connection is preferable, but if using Wi-Fi, make sure the signal is strong and stable.

6. Test Audio Quality:

  • Check for echoes, background noise, or any audio issues. Consider using a quality microphone if your computer’s built-in mic is not sufficient.

7. Dress Professionally:

  • Wear professional attire, considering the industry and company culture. Avoid clothing with intricate patterns that may distract on camera.

8. Mind the Framing:

  • Frame yourself appropriately, ensuring your head and shoulders are visible. Leave some space around you, but don’t have too much empty space in the frame.

9. Minimize Distractions:

  • Inform household members about the interview to minimize interruptions. Turn off phones and other devices that might cause distractions.

10. Practice Makes Perfect:

  • Conduct test recordings to evaluate the lighting, audio, and overall setup. Make adjustments as needed.

11. Background Noise Reduction:

  • Consider using headphones to minimize background noise. If possible, use noise-canceling headphones to create a focused environment.

12. Internet Speed Test:

  • Run an internet speed test to ensure your connection is suitable for video calls. This will help prevent lag and ensure a smooth interview experience.

13. Backup Plan:

  • Have a backup location in case of unexpected issues. This could be another room or space with similar characteristics.

Remember that a well-prepared and distraction-free environment contributes to a positive impression during a video interview. Taking the time to set up a suitable location demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail.

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