Simple Video Techniques That Work

PenDigi’s General Videography services are designed to provide clear image and sound of important events at low cost. We seek work with organizations who need reliable video documentation of events and secure live video streams for remote viewers. Here are the simple techniques we use to ensure quality every time.

– We hire people who are dedicated to professional communication, value punctuality, and know how to dress appropriately.
– Our team trains on fundamentals regularly in diverse environments, and challenging scenarios that are meant to prepare video producers for anything.

– We prepare for all the scenarios we can think of. Every shooting location is different in size, amenities, lighting, distractions and hazards. So, we aim to have to right tools for the job no matter what.

– Our camera systems are designed to meet or exceed broadcast video standards at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing quality.
– Pro-grade, durable accessories are used to ensure camera movements are smooth, and all connections are secure every time.
– We use broadcast quality microphones because they sound great, have low handling noise and are very durable.
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